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Backstreet Boys
    Quit Playing Games
    As Long As You Love Me

Bee Gees
    Love Never Die
    To Love Somebody

Bell Book&Candle
    See Ya

Billy Joel

Blue System
    If I Cant Have Your Love

Bonnie Tyler
    Total Eclipse Of The Heart

Bad Religion
    Hear It
    Part III
    Pessimistic Lines

Babyface&Stevie Wonder
    How Come How Long

Barbara Streisand

    Take My Breath Away

Birkin&Serge Gainsbourg
    Je Taime Moi Non Plus

Bad Boys Blue
    You Are Woman I Am A Man

    Cara Mia
    Sorry I'm A Lady

Belle Epoque
    Enjoy Youself

Bob Marley
    One Love

Bobby McFerrin
    Don't Worry Be Happy

    Happy Song

Brian Adams
    When You're Gone
    I Do It For You

Beastie Boys

    I Love The Way You Love Me
    Pictures Of You

Babylon Zoo

Bad Company
    Ready for Love

    Bam Bam Baml

    Kick Hansons's Ass

Bjorn Lynne
    All Life Is One
    F4C1 Music
    Intro Music
    Music for FMV Sequence

    Let it Be

Big Dark Twirly
    Big Dark Twirly

Big Dumb Love

Bill Clinton
    I Whip It Out

Billy Bragg
    Achy Breaky Heart

    Tales From The Hard Side

    Boy With The Thorn In His Side

Buffalo Springfield
    For What It's Worth

Brooklyn Bounce

Between Zone
    The Last Ninja Remake

Binary Test Record
    1000 Years

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